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The World of Fantasy

The world of fantasy can really draw your attention if you’re not careful.  It’s true many people don’t use their imagination very frequently, so when we finally do get a chance to use it sometimes it can become a bit addictive.  When we encounter searches and images that stimulate our mind’s eye as to additional possibilities we can frequently find ourselves drawn in by the appeal of the world of our imagination.

In some cases, our imagination can be so attractive that we find ourselves dreaming and fantasizing more and more frequently and for longer and longer periods of time.  This might be healthy for us, in that it stimulates different parts of our brain, but it could also become problematic if we allow ourselves to indulge in it for too long, and too frequently.  This kind of behavior is common and grows over time as we grow in our familiarity with the world of fantasy.

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Is Magic Real?

The common misconecption among the average person is that magic isn’t even real. Many people believe magic has no power or ability to influence or change the outcome of anything or anyone, but of course this is debatable.

While some believe magic is powerless, others believe it does, in fact, hold the ability to make changes and influence outcomes of situations. It is probably one thing that both sides will continue to debate for many years to come, just as their ancestors have already debated about it from centuries past.

Since there is currently no machine or device that can easily and conclusively settle this debate, it is likely it will continue. If we consult with people, both experienced and educated, both sides seems to be able to make claims supporting their stance.

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Are You Magical?

Have you ever tried to use magic? I Know that when I was little, I would do my best to move things with my mind, hoping that maybe I was born with magical power. However, after a certain age, just like one’s dreams of becoming a famous actor or singer diminish, so do one’s dreams of having magic powers.

But let me get back to the question. Have you ever tried using spells, or discovering any sort of supernatural power within yourself? I think it’s probably a normal thing to at least explore, if you are a human being. We are a curious species, and that’s how we’ve gotten to where we are with technology.

Is it possible that technology will lead humans to having the ability I hoped to have as a young child, and that one day, with a technological plug-in, I will be able to move things with my mind? Is technology any different than magic?

I suppose that you have to keep the belief that magic is real somewhere in your heart, so that you will be able to hold out hope that anything is possible. Who knows, maybe you haven’t tried to move things with your mind, and maybe you were born with that ability.

Let me know if you can!

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Magical Unicorns

Magical thinking requires magical inspiration. Unicorns are among the most magical of all creatures. Have you ever seen one?

This video contains drawings of several beautiful unicorns, but to actually see one up close and in person would be the experience of a lifetime.


I know there are many that doubt the existence of unicorns and magic in general, but to them I say NAY! (I wonder if a Unicorn would make a sound like a horse)

One thing I would bet, however, is that a unicorns fur is the softest of any animal there is. It probably feels like silk. If you ever see a Unicorn, don’t try and take a picture. There is a reason they have never been photographed, and it is because they choose to remain a secret. The world is a dangerous place and it would abuse their magical powers and harvest them for evil purposes.

The best thing you can do if you see a Unicorn is to sing to it, and to show it love, because all Unicorns love you! =)

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Hi Nikka!

This is by Nikka.  She has some cool cloud boards.  I really like her work.  Check out her video below.


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I’m Back!

After an extended absence, I’m back online.   The pixel pages are back.  Magikal Doodles is still in process.  I lost most of everything there.  But I’ve put some old pages back up like Gypsy Wagon, Nocturnica’s Doll’s, Mystik Dragons, our members, and of course My Sisters.

Everything is still in flux, so bear with me while I get it all together.  And it’s great to be back!

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